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EP Melatonin 5 mg contains the active ingredient melatonin at a concentration of 5 mg per capsule.

GP Melatonin 5 mg can be used to treat sleep disorders in adults.

This disease can be identified by sleep disturbances, tiredness during the day, fatigue, disturbances, mild mental weakness, irritation and disturbances of the gastrointestinal tract after flying.

How does GP Melatonin 5mg work:

Melatonin is a hormone produced by the body in order to synchronize the daily biology of the body.

The biological rhythm can be disturbed by traveling across time zones. This is known as disrupted sleep across time zones.

This is known as jet lag. Symptoms and their severity vary between individuals, but generally the worst symptoms last longer when more time zones are crossed.

GP melatonin 5 mg can help restore day and night rhythm and reduce symptoms of sleep disturbance.

You should speak to a doctor if you do not feel better or worse after 5 days.

GP Melatonin helps improve sleep in the following cases:

Primary insomnia (insomnia not caused by a secondary cause)

Age-related insomnia

Time difference

Working shifts

Post-traumatic brain injury

Neurological disorders

Usage instructions:

Use GP Melatonin Soft Gelatin Capsules exactly as described in this leaflet.

The recommended dose is one capsule taken daily by mouth, after food, 1-2 hours before bedtime.

This dose may last up to thirteen weeks

Warnings and Precautions:

Do not take GP Melatonin Soft Gelatin Capsules if you are hypersensitive to the active ingredient melatonin or to any of the other ingredients of GP Melatonin Soft Gelatin Capsules

Interaction with other medicines

Tell your doctor or pharmacist if you are taking, have recently taken or might take any other medicines. These medicines include:

fluvoxamine (used to treat depression and obsessive-compulsive disorder), psoralen (used to treat skin disorders such as psoriasis), cimetidine (used to treat stomach problems such as ulcers), quinolone and rifampicin (used to treat bacterial infections), estrogens (used in contraceptives pregnancy or hormone replacement therapy) and carbamazepine (used to treat epilepsy).

Adrenergic agonists / antagonists (such as certain types of drugs used to control blood pressure by constricting blood vessels, nasal decongestants, and blood pressure lowering drugs), opioid agonists / antagonists (such as medicinal products used in the treatment of drug addiction) and prostaglandin inhibitors ( Such as nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs), antidepressant drugs, tryptophan and alcohol.

- Benzodiazepine and non-benzodiazepine hypnotics (drugs used to induce sleep such as zaleplon, zolpidem and zopiclone)

- Thioridazine (for the treatment of schizophrenia) and imipramine (for the treatment of depression).

Pregnancy and lactation:

Do not take GP MelatoninTM 5 mg if you are pregnant, if you think you might be pregnant, are trying to become pregnant or are breastfeeding. Ask your doctor or pharmacist for advice before taking this medicine

Effects on driving and using machines:

Melatonin may cause drowsiness. If you are affected, you should not drive or operate machinery. If you suffer from persistent sleepiness, you should consult a doctor.

the components:

Each soft gelatin capsule contains melatonin 5 mg

The other ingredients are: polyethylene glycol, propylene glycol, gelatin, glycerin, sorbitol solution 70%, titanium dioxide and purified water.