Beurer IPL5500 IPL5500 Laser Hair Removal Device - Black

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Availability: Many In Stock offers the best hair removal device from its follicles, which is the Beurer laser, as the Beurer laser uses intense pulsed light (IPL) technology to target the melanin in the hair follicles, making it an ideal solution for those with dark hair.
The Beurer laser comes with a skin color sensor that ensures that only the right amount of light is used for your skin type, making it safe for all skin types. One of the great advantages of the laser device is that it is easy to use, as it is enough to just press one button, point the device to the area from which you want to remove hair and let it work.

Features of the Beurer laser device

  1. Beurer lasers can give you up to 50% permanent hair removal after just 3-4 sessions.
  2. Permanently reduce all hair within 7-9 sessions after which it will be used for the required duration.
  3. Long lasting high number of flashes ranging from 100,000 to 250,000 flashes.
  4. 6 energy levels give you safety, speed and choose the level that suits you best.
  5. Very easy to use.
  6. The large therapeutic lens measures 7 cm² for a quick treatment and a full body treatment of up to 26 minutes.
  7. Having a flash-glide feature allows you to use it continuously to complete sessions without getting bored.
  8. The presence of a skin tone sensor protects your skin by making sure that the skin tone matches the device before blinking.
  9. Filters protect the skin and skin from ultraviolet radiation
  10. Light 3.1 cm2 surface for precise application
  11. Only about 20 minutes for a full body treatment